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2019-08-29 The third flower mug is ready

The third flower mug is ready, today the proof print arrived.

2019-07-30 Another flower mug is ready

I enjoyed making the rose mug, and I take the oportunity to force myself practising this technique, instead of experimenting with more and more art supplies, by doing another. As a pleasant side effect, I have a Christmas gift ready.

2019-06-02 Openbook Invitations to Share

I have two Openbook invitations to share with whoever is interested in that platform. I am far from recommending it. While I check the app often and like the concepts, which are very similar to Google+, I am not very active there.

2019-05-19 Flowerful Mug available

I needed a present — which is the usual motivator that lets me get something done — and I like the result quite well.

2019-01-04 New Year's Resolution

I do a lot, but few projects come to fruition. So my New Year’s resolution for this year is twofold:

  1. Drop most game development projects — both digital and analog: Sure I can program, but I can’t do the playtest on my own.
  2. Increase my drawing skills. A single drawing can be used as a postcard and so be called a finished project.


Here I am presenting some mostly random stuff I do while being creative.

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