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2019-02-09 My First Trial on a Paper Roguelike

Of the last few days I gathered a lot of notes during my train rides and while lying in bed awake on a offline dungeon crawler I want to develop. So today I tried for the first time.

2019-01-24 My First Attempt on Paper Minis

I remembered the paper minis I made in a hurry before my first trip to Vietnam, to demonstrate the nice little tabletop game Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.

2019-01-04 New Year's Resolution

I do a lot, but few projects come to fruition. So my New Year’s resolution for this year is twofold:

  1. Drop most game development projects — both digital and analog: Sure I can program, but I can’t do the playtest on my own.
  2. Increase my drawing skills. A single drawing can be used as a postcard and so be called a finished project.


Here I am presenting some mostly random stuff I do while being creative.

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