My First Attempt on Paper Minis

2019-01-24 — Hans-Jörg

I remembered the paper minis I made in a hurry before my first trip to Vietnam, to demonstrate the nice little tabletop game Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.

Paper Miniatures of Orcs and Humans

The backsides are very plain and practical:

Backsides of Paper Miniatures

I spent some time lately looking for paper miniatures online and I am surprised about the sheer variety! Some have a black outline and are cut out accordingly, others are presented on white rectangles like mine, some are even a mix of both methods. Some are folded like a tent, some are glued front to back like mine, some are placed in plastic stands. Some acrylic stands even make the price benefit of paper miniatures questionable! Some miniatures have an individual drawing for the backsite.

I thought about creating more paper miniatures, but the countless options leave me wonder what people will consider most useful.


Here I am presenting some mostly random stuff I do while being creative.

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