Paper Roguelike back to the Drawing Board

2019-04-17 — Hans-Jörg

Who knows me, knows that I like books. I envisioned the Paper Roguelike as a small and stirdy hardcover, enabling people to dungeon crawl on any piece of squared paper.

But that vision does not go down well with my mechanics: I don’t want these dungeons to be totally random.

That would require an amount of state management that is burdensome to do on a blank piece of paper. So instead of making this a generic book, I am thinking about turning this game into a booklet, that supports the player to keep the state inside the document and is probably tailor-made for specific adventures.

Currently I am figuring out how to balance replay value while taking advantage of the more focused target, so this project has lost some impetus lately.

On the brighter side, I am working hard on my Roguelike.


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