Roguelike Milestone Announcement

2019-06-27 — Hans-Jörg

I did some work on the Roguelike. I have a door, that can be opened or kicked down. I also have a Story, which is very simple right now, but defines how many dungeon levels exist and how large they are. In consiquence, I needed stairs. In the future, there will be more and more sophisticated Stories. Right now, the Story influences the creation of the level - in the future, the Story will give orders to a MapBuilder.

But before I restructure that part, I think I will scale back the graphical representation to a very basic monospaced and mainly monochrome font. I put a lot of effort into the natural ground, the artifival ground, the walls and the rocks, the kicked down door. I don’t feel like the look justifies the effort.

The current (and very early) version can be tried here:

As a traditional roguelike, it needs a physical keyboard to be played.


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