Building blocks of 2019

2019-12-31 — Hans-Jörg

I really like building blocks, but I don’t like to spend money. I also often have very detailed ideas about what I want. So this year I made some building blocks of my own.

First I made building blocks from corrugated cardboard, because I wanted blocks with all three dimensions different from each other.

Basic block with two roof pieces

As usual, I enjoyed working with corrugated cardboard, but any more complex building revealed that my idea was not smart.

Complex building using most of my blocks

Later in 2019 I printed building blocks with my old cheap 3d printer. I wanted them to be very tiny.

Basic house built from two printed building blocks

Aside from the poor quality of the print, they are just too light to stack.

A larger building constructed from tiny printed building blocks

These were definitely not my last experiments with building blocks, but I also look into isometric graph paper—it’s easy to store and you never run out of blocks and colors.


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