Flowerful Mug available

2019-05-19 — Hans-Jörg

I needed a present — which is the usual motivator that lets me get something done — and I like the result quite well.

One side of the mug with an image of a colorful rose

To have an image on both sides of the mug, but not just duplicating it, I thought it’s a good idea to write the scientific name of the flower next to it. But I have no clue how to figure out the scientific name of a cultivated rose, so I thought it’s a smart move to use the Vietnamese name instead.

The other side of the mug with an image of a colorful rose and the name

But I learned soon after that most flowers that are not local to Vietnam have no Vietnamese names and I want to create more mugs in this style, so future mugs will be labeled with a generic Rosa spec.

The mugs are done by RedBubble and I am quite happy how the final product looks quite similar to the preview on their website.


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